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Thomas Morelli, Esq.


"Many lawyers will take

your case,

few will defend you."

- Thomas Morelli, Esq.

Thomas Morelli is a trial attorney with extensive experience in civil and criminal law.  He brings what he learned as a prosecutor and insurance company attorney to your side.  With dozens of trials and hours of training, he knows how to fight your battle from within — using their tactics to your advantage.

Former Prosecutor

As a prosecutor, Thomas gained invaluable experience as a trial attorney.  He was assigned to a number of divisions, including: Juvenile, DUI, and the Felony Drug Unit - where he prosecuted the highest level of drug offenses ranging from simple possession to trafficking.  As a prosecutor, Thomas was in Court everyday representing the State of Florida and tried dozens of cases as the lead attorney.

Former Attorney for Insurance Companies

After leaving the State Attorney's Office, Thomas worked for a prestigious civil litigation firm in Orlando.  There, Thomas worked defending some of Florida's largest insurance companies.  He also worked representing hospitals, nursing homes, and doctors.  During this time, Thomas learned the tactics used by insurance companies in the adjustment, negotiation, and litigation of claims.  Thomas negotiated settlements on behalf of insurance companies, and argued in Court for them.  It was during this time that he realized the devastating impact that insurance companies can have in individual’s lives.

Former Business Owner

While in college, Thomas founded a trucking business. As a business owner, he knows the importance of cost effective service to his clients.  This allows him to bring his clients the best possible service, experience, and results.  Thomas also understands the challenges faced by small business owners and investors when looking for competent and affordable representation.  That's why Thomas provides a number of services to companies in need of an attorney.

Personal Life

Thomas grew up in São Paulo, Brazil. Outside of work, Thomas enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.  You can often find him riding his bike with his kids on the West Orange Trail or grabbing a cup of coffee in one of Downtown Winter Garden's shops.  Thomas is also an avid woodworker and you may see some of his pieces around the office.

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